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    I'm looking into the most secure way possible to share photos on a daily basis between myself and a co-worker. They will contain sensitive information so security is a must. Using a desktop client is out of the question, we're looking into a completely mobile solution. Simply put, I need to take a photo, and get it to him absolutely securely. I don't mind using a service, but please do not recommend dropbox. They're insecure. Please only respond if you can guarantee an app's security, I don't want answers of the first google'd response. I've done some research but I'm getting dead ends.

    It would be great if I could .zip, .rar, or archive the photos with an encrypted password, then send that file to him instead of a photo itself. This would be greatly preferred. He needs to be able to unarchive and then view the photo on his iPhone also.

    Many thanks for anyone that can help. A free solution would be preferred but I wouldn't mind paying, if it is secure.

    I am jailbroken but he isn't, and he doesn't intend to.
    2012-02-06 11:59 PM
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    Jungledisk* with an AWS3 account seems the more secure to me!

    *Jungle Disk https://www.jungledisk.com/

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    2012-02-07 11:19 PM