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    We have just released our educational app called Learning Tots Animals:

    Our website: Little Learning Tots

    Learning Tots Animals DX ($0.99)
    Learning Tots Animals DX for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Learning Tots Animals DX for iPhone ($0.99)
    Learning Tots Animals DX for iPhone on the iTunes App Store

    Learning Tots Animals Free ($0), ad-supported
    Learning Tots Animals Free for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Thank you and enjoy!
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    2012-02-07 02:05 AM
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    Made available by request from popular demands, we finally relent and release Learning Tots Animal DX for iPhone. We have made all the adjustment to ensure the game is very much playable in a much smaller iPhone screen

    Learn and have fun with animals in this free app from Little Learning Tots! Listen to the lion roar, the monkey chuckle and the elephant trumpet! Have fun colouring the animals and creating your own colourful creatures!

    Activities includes - Flashcards, Animals and shapes, Animals Colouring Activities.

    iTunes Link: Learning Tots Animals DX for iPhone

    Thank you for your support!
    2012-02-21 05:41 AM
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    *** Learning Tots Animals DX for iPhone is #1 in Top 5 Apps of the Week @iHeartThisApp.com (Week 25th February - 3rd March 2012) ***

    iHeartThisApp.com Top 5 apps of the week
    2012-02-26 05:38 AM
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    Version 1.1 updates is released:
    - Added Ostrich in Animals & Shapes activity
    - Added Monkey in Animals & Colors activity
    - Some interface adjustment

    Get it now: Learning Tots Animals DX for iPhone
    2012-02-28 05:31 PM
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    Version 1.2 update is released for Learning Tots Animals DX:
    ● Added 7 more animals into the Flash Cards
    ● Added Easy and Hard mode in Animals & Shapes activity (suggested by Amy during developer of the week live chat)
    ● Added audios when you tap on-screen instructions
    ● Removed any external link
    ● New app icon
    ● No data collection, no Ads, no in-app purchase, no social media and no links
    2012-05-15 07:23 AM
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    Learning Tots Animals DX (iPhone version only) is currently FREE until Sunday June 17th, 2012!
    2012-06-14 05:54 AM
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    The app is intended from age 0-3 depending on the activity. The Flash card should be great for any age, though the shape activity is more for toddlers age 2+

    Thank you for downloading

    It seems very cute. Maybe I can download it for my nephew. I downloaded a game Want My Lollipop, it's also nice and suite for kids playing.
    2012-06-15 05:48 AM
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    A recent review or Learning Tots Animals DX is out by AppySmarts! We are the proud recipient of AppySmarts Editor's Favourite Badge!

    "What we liked: the concept, cute illustrations, very simple operation and navigation, visual guides in the coloring and puzzle activities, no distracting elements." - appysmarts

    2012-07-04 05:19 AM
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    FREE coloring downloadable worksheet is available for our own Learning Tots Animals iOS app!

    Download the worksheet here: Learning Tots Animals Downloadable Worksheet

    iTunes Link: Learning Tots Animals DX
    2012-08-07 04:44 AM