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    This app is a fully Guide for Lineage II and completely support both:High Five and Goddess of Destruction versions of game.

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    Thanks to L2 Guides, you have the opportunity to improve your skill in the game! It contains full information of all skills for all races of the Aden World (Includes 80+ skills).

    Also, you can find guides for any profession, which describe such moments as a quest for change of profession, choice of equipment and weapon, tactics in pvp and olympiad, as well as other useful information. In addition, for the novice and the player not only present guides how to get adena, fishing, manor, olympiad, augmentation, etc.

    GoD is the most massive update for world of Lineage II. It totally changed game, add so many new things and events. Game became more easy and in same time more hard in many aspects. All that you want know about L2 GoD you can find in our app.

    ✓ What's new in GoD;
    ✓ New Awakening classes;
    ✓ All skills of all classes;
    ✓ Description for each skill;
    ✓ GUIDE FOR EACH CLASS, which include best armor set, weapon, tattoo, jewelers, uping areas, PvP tactic, comments for skills and much more;
    ✓ Quest navigation;
    ✓ 47 Maps, including stakato nest, antharas's lair, Pagan Temple, Tower of Insolence, etc;
    ✓ Articles database, with articles for getting adena (crafting, spoiling, fishing, manoring, trading, etc.) and other articles as: Territory wars, Castle Siege, Noblesse etc.
    ✓ Items database;

    Here you will find all changes that come GoD in these objects:
    - Main Cganges
    - Characteres
    - Items
    - Quests
    - Hunting Zones & Raid Bosses
    - Other

    Guides, skills with description, notes and its effects details, transform quests, olymp tactic, leveling zones for all new GoD's classes.

    With each new updates expect more guides, quests, etc. for your favorite games! Enjoy it!

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