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    Clipflip is a free iOS app that allows users to creatve helpful and informative videos about their hobbies and passions in life, and then get paid for doing so!

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    We let the user create whatever he/she wants, which will be helpful to someone else in the world. For example how to cook the best spanish meal, or how to brew beer. Anything is possible, but it has to be good and well thought out.

    We pay the user up to $15 per video, and we then host the video on our own YouTube channel. Its that simple.

    We are after high quality filming, which is hard on an iPhone but it is possible if creative.

    The user can make as many videos he/she wants, and can earn a lot during a day if time and dedication is involved. We do not accept just any videos, so make sure they are good.

    Read reviews, watch reviews and see what other people think. Or see us on Facebook clipflip | Facebook

    Have a great day and try it out!
    2012-02-27 06:52 PM