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    What better way for childen to learn counting than through rhymes and songs. This cheerful and heart-warming collection will get every children learning to count.

    Hidden from children who are having fun singing or reciting is the pedagogy that lays the foundation for multiplication skills. While children are counting in two's and three's, they are actually learning to multiply without realizing it!

    iTunes Link: Learn To Count HD

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    The reviews are out! Check them out!

    CrazyMikesApps.com blog review: ... Overall, Learn To Count HD is a festive and fun application to help kids learn their core numbers, while teaching them the frame work for multiplication...

    iPhoneGlance.com blog review: ...Learn To Count HD is a Fun Interactive Way to Teach Kids To Count...

    Video Demo:

    2012-03-03 04:24 PM
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    Learn to Count for iPhone - with Songs and Rhymes is now available!

    iTunes Link: Learn To Count for iPhone
    2012-03-07 04:40 AM
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    Yup, we actually do test our apps on our beloved son! ... and he approves

    2012-03-08 05:36 PM
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    A review by TheiPhoneAppReview.com

    "... Learn to Count HD is a must-have for the concerned and tech-savvy parent... "

    Learn to Count HD: Number Songs Made fun on the iPad | The iPhone App Review : iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad App Reviews
    2012-03-14 03:57 AM
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    An update for Learn to Count for iPad and iPhone is now released in iTunes. What's New in this version:

    ● Added a new activity called Number House
    ● Removed [More from us] external link
    ● Does not collect data, No Ads, No in-app purchase, no social media and no links

    Thank you and do check it out!
    2012-05-13 03:38 PM
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    ♥♥♥ Recommended Apps by IEP Goal/Skill for Early Learning/Preschool - Counting - techinspecialed.com ♥♥♥
    2012-06-12 07:04 PM
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    Downloadable worksheets for Learn to Count is now available.

    Download here: Learn to Count Worksheets

    iTunes Link: Learn to Count HD
    2012-07-27 04:37 PM
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    Our recent reviews for Learn to Count HD from various countries:

    iPad version: Learn to Count HD for iPad
    iPhone version: Learn to Count for iPhone

    2012-08-25 04:28 AM