1. appsworld's Avatar
    Sizzling Pip is addictive and challenging game. There are different exciting levels that will give you better and realistic experience. The aim of the game is to kill snow man by throwing the grenades. Indicator shows the force that is directly proportional to the distance touch start position and end position having player position as the reference.

    Have you ever tried your hand at aiming at some object and succeeded in dropping it dead. If not, download Sizzling Pip and enjoy playing it.

    Global Scoring
    20 Challenging Levels
    Polished Graphics

    iPhone Link

    2012-05-15 01:15 PM
  2. Igor-g5's Avatar
    I downloaded it and waited 15 minutes for it to load and gave up. Tried it again. Same thing.
    2012-05-16 12:39 AM
  3. VippieMedia's Avatar
    I could't try it to. Maybe next time.
    2012-05-17 01:58 PM