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    Bring your little ones on an adventure with Fido! Fido comes from a far far away planet, in search of interesting items on planet Earth. Hes new to this world and he is curious about the world around him! Will your little tots join his adventure and learn about the world with him?

    Fido will be exploring places like:
    ▪ beach
    ▪ farm
    ▪ park
    ▪ shopping mall
    ▪ carnival

    What will Little Tots find in each place? What will they find and hear? Can they train a keen eye and help Fido find the 125 items that he seeks?

    ★★★Fido Goes Places DX does not contain in-app purchase. You will get all the scenes unlocked.

    iTunes Link: Fido Goes Places DX for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    2012-05-27 06:34 AM
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    Memorial Day Weekend sale 50% off! Current price: $0.99. Sale ends May 29th, 2012.
    2012-05-27 04:00 PM
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    Fido Goes Places DX is currently 50% off for a special 4th of July day sale! Check it out and don't miss out on this rare price drop

    Here's what they said about Fido Goes Places:

    "All in all, this is an enjoyable solid app. If you have a child in the targeted age of 2-5, or an older child who would benefit from the vocabulary development, definitely download the demo and give it a try!" - smartappsforkids

    "Overall, Fido Goes Places is a cute, well designed and colourful app. It supports your kids learning via a friendly interface and stimulates cognitive and memory skills. Hours of fun … your kids are on to search for a total of 125 different items!" - FunEducationalApps
    2012-07-04 04:05 PM
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    A new review from for Fido Goes Places DX:

    "Overall, this is a well made seek-and-find game that does more than just providing fun. It trains young children’s visual observation skills and memory recall abilities while helping them to learn and spell vocabulary words in the context of environments that are familiar to them." - TheIMum

    iTunes Link: Fido Goes Places DX for iPad on the iTunes App Store
    2012-07-12 04:38 PM
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    Fido Goes Places DX has just been reviewed by and here's an excerpt of what they think about it:

    "good educational value, nice lively illustrations, easy operation, visual hints, the rewards system with the 'treasure chest'... "

    iTunes Link: Fido Goes Places DX for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    2012-07-20 04:10 AM
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    Fido Goes Places FREE downloadable worksheet is available for download now:

    Download worksheet: Fido Goes Places downloadable worksheet

    iTunes Link: Fido Goes Places DX on iTunes
    2012-07-31 04:29 AM