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    Cam2gether, a very interesting app that lets you control another iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch 's camera, WIRELESSLY, has been upgraded to 1.8.

    Download it today! It works on both iPhone and iPad!


    Cam2gether can be used to take group shot or photos from some quite different angles. For example, put your iPhone in the room, go to the other room and use your iPad to take photo/video of the cat, see what it does while you are away! Some extreme examples: inside the long-abondoned well, over the cliff, in the running stream (make sure you have a water-resistent case).

    The connection can be either AUTO (Internet or Bluetooth) or Bluetooth-only.

    Another fun factor is that you get to switch the role! For example, you can take a photo of your friend at Yosemite, and with one tap, he/she can take a photo for you.

    Here 5 codes (updated 2/20/2013):

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    Cam2gether 1.7 is now available! With the new AUTO connection mode, it's even easier to remotely control the iPhone/iPad/iPad mini camera!

    With any two iPhone/iPad/iPad mini, use this app to control one from the other! Taking photo or video from a distance!

    If you don't want to use cellular network for the connection, just select Bluetooth only connection mode. If you are within a WiFi area, go with AUTO connection mode which automatically search for nearby iDevice and connect!

    Please check out the quick guide at here: Cam2gether

    It is available at the app store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cam2g...4988?mt=8&uo=4
    2012-11-09 03:46 AM
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    Promo codes to give away! Updated 2/20/2013
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