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    Hi All,

    If you are one who likes the Shooting games and love to play an addicting one than the usual games here is an apt game for you. Get the all new Apple Shooting Reloaded for your iPhone at zero cost and enjoy the game and itís refreshing gameplay. It is time to leave behind all the adventurous games and the action games and start involving into addictive ones like this.

    The gameís objective is to hit the apple placed on your friendís head. The difficulty increases as you clear each level. Also the distance between the characters vares, Aim your Bow carefully, target at the apple, donít miss the target or you might end up hurting your friend. Stretch your bow and release the arrow when prepared.

    Check out the game on iTunes today!!!

    App Store - Apple Shooting Reloaded

    2012-06-20 11:04 AM