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    Orders is an intuitive way to keep track of sales for small business managers, sellers, traders or small entrepreneur. It allows users to easily input information about various product orders and sales, organize them via various algorithms, and it presents them in a crisp, great-looking template.

    Orders allows you to easily enter a customer name, a product name, a due date, a logo or any other relevant picture, unit price and enter count for the application to instantaneously return with a total price. With the great application interface, navigation has been simplified. You can sort orders based on different things and can organize similar orders together in catalogs that can be renamed and created at ease.

    And you can share your information with your customers or colleagues via html, from beautiful HTML template, or through CSV files.

    ★★★ Featured by Apple in the "What's Hot" section! ★★★

    �� Press:

    "AppFresh Daily - One of the top two apps for August 22, 2011." - AppAdvice.com

    "Featured" - by Theappwhisperer.com

    "A Great Application to Manage Product Sales." - iPhoneAlley.com

    "Orders Sales Manger is a very useful app for those business people who want an easy way to keep track of the products they sell and the orders that need to be delivered." - AverageAppReviews.co

    �� Review:
    "The best sales organizer ever. ***** It's so easy to use this awesome app, add new or manage old orders with products, and with this update I finally can share all products information with my customers, directly in app - GREAT!" - by Fernando Opions

    "Great App ***** It does what I Need." - by C4RLOCO

    "Outstanding App ***** This app is a must for anyone who is writing orders at customer site or on the road" - by C Mody

    ★ Features:
    ✓ Manage your sales orders on the go at your device
    ✓ Create your products catalog and then constantly use it in your orders
    ✓ Import your products from CSV File
    ✓ Add photo to your products
    ✓ Add customer, due date, description, taxes, shipmen and products list for each order
    ✓ Add name, price, logo, web site, description for each product

    ✓ Use iCloud data synchronization for all your iOS devices

    ✓ Add customers from your device address book
    ✓ Mail, phone, and txt to them from our app

    ✓ Share your orders, products via beauty html mail template, with products images and your organization name in the header
    ✓ Export all your orders or products as CSV File

    ✓ Backup your data to Dropbox folder
    ✓ Restore or transfer your data at new device

    ✓ Sort orders by name, due date, compleat status or just manually.
    ✓ Use search bars for fast navigation
    ✓ Use easy and elegant user interface

    If you will have some question you can always contact our 24/7 support team by [email protected], which immediately will help you.

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