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    I'm looking for a stand alone podcast manager app that's similar to iTunes. I would like the following features and was wondering if anyone knows of an app with all of them:

    - Like iTunes, you can "uncheck" an episode from a subscription and it won't play, but it will stay on your list of episodes. (I want this because I listen to some movie podcasts and once in a while they have an episode for a movie I haven't watched yet and I don't want to hear all the spoilers so I want to keep it on the list of episodes, but just not listen to it until a later time.)

    - Ability to remove played episodes from a subscription, but also not download all the other episodes (Sometimes I don't listen to a subscription for a month then just marathon it so I don't want it taking up storage space, but I also don't want to miss out on the episodes).

    - Syncing thru iCloud so you can keep the podcasts and the last position you've listened to between multiple devices.

    - Preferably a universal app.
    2012-08-20 05:03 AM
  2. Delgado007's Avatar
    2012-08-22 12:08 PM