1. dardy's Avatar
    I noticed today the is a nec 2008 electrical code book is there any way to download it from cydia? Thanks
    2012-10-16 02:25 AM
  2. Cowboy's Avatar
    Why would you need to? Just get it from the App Store
    2012-10-16 02:26 AM
  3. dardy's Avatar
    Maybe I'm just an idiot. But some of the apps I downloaded from cydia actually cost in the app store.
    Since I have already paid $60 dollars for the code book I just figured I would see if it was out there.
    2012-10-16 03:24 AM
  4. 2k1's Avatar
    So you gitting the apps for free off of cydia instead of paying on the on the AppStore
    2012-10-16 03:28 AM