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    As a part of our Fourth anniversary celebrations, we are giving away few Apps and Games for FREE. The offer is valid for a limited time; grab them soon before the offer ends.

    AZAN for iPhone And iPad :

    The Azan application is an Islamic prayer notification application developed for iPhone. It will help you manage your prayer schedule by alerting you the preset prayer timings. It will run in the background while you are working with other apps and it will notify you by ringing the alarm

    App Download Link:

    AZAN for iPhone

    AZAN for iPad

    Balut Pro for iPhone and iPad:
    Balut Pro for iPhone and iPad is an addicting game that will definitely catch your attention. Here is a sneak peak of Balut Pro. Balut game was invented during the post World War II days. The game consists of 28 rounds. The game consists of 28 rounds. In each round, you roll the dice and then score the roll in one of 7 categories. You must score 4 times in each category.

    Game Download Link:

    Balut Pro for iPhone

    Balut Pro for iPad

    Anti-Shake Camera for iPhone:
    Anti-Shake Camera is a very novel and useful application that detects stillness of the iPhone and captures images into the iPhone Photo album.

    App Download Link:

    Anti-Shake Camera for iPhone
    2012-11-20 12:56 PM