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    Canfield Solitaire

    Then play Canfield Solitaire game! Classic and immense Card Game.
    Canfield is a challenging solitaire game for iPad. The game was inspired by the gamblers who used to play this game at Richard Canfield casino. As a result, this game proved to be popular and addicting game among the gamblers and hence the name Canfield Solitaire originated.

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    City Essentials HD

    Have you ever found difficulty in finding nearest ATM? If yes then City Essentials is there for you now. This application will not only help you to find an ATM nearest to your current location, but other essential information is just ready for your use.

    City Essentials is built in such a way that, it will find out precise information's about your surroundings in one touch and can help you in locating your points of interests whenever you need it.

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    Clock Zone

    Now there is absolutely no need for you to manually calculate the time difference between two different time zones. The Clock Zone app in iPhone will display the time and date of the various time zones. It requires you to select the time zone by clicking on the + symbol at the top right corner.


    • You can select any time zone that is desired.
    • Choose between Analog or Custom Clock formats.
    • Most elegant, beautiful and simple world clock app.
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    Currency Converter

    Unique features that lets you convert the worldwide currencies and lets you know the current currency rate. Enter the currency that you want to know in the right text box and the one you know in the left text box. So now increase your knowledge about different currencies in quick time.

    • It displays 2 columns at the bottom side of your screen and 2 boxes top side of your screen.
    • Converts left column currency to right column currency, enter the currency you want to convert in the top text box and result will be displayed in the down text box.
    • At the bottom of the screen you have the sliding bars that list the 64different currencies. Slide on it and select any one currency.

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    Clipboard Pro for iPad

    The ClipBoard Pro is a must have application for iPad user. A very useful application that facilitates short-term data storage and data transfer between documents or applications or within an application by using copy and paste function. You can copy data from any running application and use ClipBoard Pro to cache it. Whenever required you can access the cached data from the list and can paste it into the required application.

    App Highlights Features

    • ClipBoard tab
    • Categories tab
    • Recent tab
    • Search tab
    • Settings tab

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