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    Alright. Notes on a Roll has decided to run a game changing contest. Once we hit 100,000 downloads. Users can share their funniest Facebook photo shares to our Notes on a Roll Facebook fan page: After the 100,000 download count is hit, we will choose 10 of the funniest photos to be put into a poll for all our Facebook fans to vote on. The winner will receive all the source codes for Notes on a Roll including our Android version. All rights will be switched over to the winner. Some people may think that 100,000 nets us a lot of money. Haha, wrong, Apple takes their 30% and we do have a investment team that are all on percentages so trust me I'm not getting rich off this contest. I intend to move on to further projects and just don't have time to continue to market Notes on a Roll and maintain my other ventures. Good luck to all.

    Here's the iTunes Link:

    Notes on a Roll Lite Link:
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    2012-11-29 10:48 PM