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View Poll Results: Do you text while walking?

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  • Yes, all the time

    1 50.00%
  • Sometimes

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  • No, it's dangerous

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  1. julie21DV's Avatar
    Hi, avid texters! Do you remember the video with a girl walking through a mall while either reading or typing a message? Sheís so involved that she didnít notice the fountain she was approaching. The girl ended up in the fountain. I donít think texting is distracting. I text quite a lot, I like to text my friends while I am walking around, and never bumped into anything or anyone. Found this really useful. It helps to see what is in front of me using my iphone's camera. Well, I really don't need to explain about Facebook, Twitter as these running in my blood )))) Iím not a kind of obsessed zombie person, but with it I can safely text and walk at the same time, send tweets to all my twitter followers and messages to all my Facebook friends. It helps me to keep in touch with everybody online and off without stopping. No bumping into anything or falling into fountains )

    The App is available for FREE download at:
    2013-01-04 12:46 PM
  2. scorpluto's Avatar
    I think this is really a cool one for an application !
    2013-01-05 08:40 AM