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    Still look for an app only for making GIF, find the Photoshop is complicated to create GIF and have no idea how to make gifs? Now, please pay attention on GIF Director, a professional designed for Mac users to making gif with simple operation process, everyone can learn how to use it very easily. GIF Director, will help you to convert clips from your video files to gifs, add images and text as you want and also help you custom all parameters in an exact level such as delay seconds, loops, and size. So, let GIF Director be your assistant to deal with the action of making GIFs.
    Key Features:
    1. Convert clips from your videos or movies into GIF files, and the length of clips can be changed.
    2. You could crop and resize the video clip for your GIF.
    3. Add watermark, images or text to the GIF, such as personal seal, company’s logo or write some words to express what you want to say. And the size of all images and text could change.
    4. Custom the video clip’s count and its delay seconds.
    5. Change the loops and quality of the clip’s output for getting better effects.
    6. Reset the width and height of the clip’s size.
    7. Check the effect of your GIF in Framerate Preview window.
    8. Save all parameters you have set for later create Gif.
    9. Your GIF could compatible with tumblr.
    10. Supports for Mac users.

    A professional gif-maker tool is coming !!! GIF Director is here, download it now!!!-mzl.ncgznzjx.800x500-75.jpg

    I'm the developer of this app, any feedback and suggestion is adorable. If you want a promo code, please leave a message, thanks a lot!
    iTunes Link: http://www.u2any.com/stat.php?url=ht...76670672?mt=12
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    2013-01-10 04:26 AM
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    looks nice!!
    Thank your for your comment.
    Actually it works very good ~~~
    2013-01-10 07:08 AM
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    Do you want to get a promo code, just tell me, we will offer promo codes to you ~~~
    2013-01-14 03:12 AM
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    It's really cool, and with GIF Director, you can save much time for creating gifs.
    2013-01-15 03:36 AM
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    We still have other app products for you choose. You can type " U2Any " in iTunes for searching more app products of our company.
    2013-01-17 05:08 AM
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    U2Any Video Converter can convert multiple video and audio files with batch process. Under the option of “Media”, the user can find “multiple tasks”, we can click it to select “max” when you want to convert all videos/audios into an unified format.
    2013-01-21 10:02 AM