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    [FREE] Gem Miner


    An addictive puzzle game.

    Move the gems to put 3 or more gems of same colour in a row or column to mine the gems.

    Combos can bring you a larger and more vulnerable gems, so try to make higher combos.

    - In 60 seconds, you have to move the gems to put at least 3 of the same colour gems in a line to mine the gems

    - In each move, there is no time or distance limitation, and the gem would swap with the one its pass through.

    - In the game, there is a combo system, if you mine more than one gem in a move, combo will start counting and bring you more marks

    - There are three special items available in the game that allow you to get a higher scores, such as "Time Freeze" which could stop the triggering of the mine action.

    2013-01-12 03:58 AM