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    AppStore: https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/cubo...532154687?mt=8

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    Game Description:
    Test your spacial awareness in this brilliant mind-bending shape-shifting fantasy puzzler. Set in ancient ruins and lush environments you'll need to have your wits about you to complete all 77 fascinating levels, each more tricky than the last. With the aid of switches and teleports you'll be able to cross seemingly impossible chasms to make your way to the mystical exits. For an extra challenge you can try 'time limit' or 'fewest moves' modes. Cuboid -- fun, cubed.
    ** Stimulating Gameplay - Bend your mind and twist your thinking in order to solve 77 challenging puzzles from beginner to expert.
    ** 3 Beautiful Settings - Explore the ruins of an ancient temple with the ruined dome, the altar chamber and the temple catacombs.
    ** Intriguing Environmental Elements - Use the increasingly complex tile interactions, switches and teleports to complete each level and earn cool antique treasures.
    ** Bonus Levels - Unlock captivating new puzzles and exciting environments for the truly committed puzzle solver. More levels to come in future updates!
    ** New Puzzle Challenges - Try out the fewest moves and time-based trials, and then compare scores in the online standings for the maximum Cuboid challenge.
    ** Facebook and Twitter Integration
    ** Leaderboard and Achievements
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