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    Sometimes a text message can be taken the wrong way. That’s why we created Rapntok, so you can have a real conversation with anyone—including on Facebook and Twitter.

    It’s fun, since there’s a photo dashboard with all your friend’s faces and sound gestures we call “Emotones” so you can further express what you’re feeling (laughing, excited, sincere, sarcastic, sad, sending a kiss, etc.).

    It’s fast, since you can have simultaneous chats on the same screen and create groups. It’s like a Walkie Talkie (remember those?) but with unlimited range.

    Most important, it’s safe, since the content of voice recordings aren’t searchable.

    Get Rapntok
    Rapntok is free.
    Available on the App Store.

    Get Rapntok Pro
    Enjoy more fun with emotone updates and special sounds. Available on the App Store.

    For Download please visit: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rapn...522599236?mt=8
    2013-02-22 07:30 AM