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    Good News for Card games lovers. Check out the exciting FREE Card games for iPhone/iPad by Virtual Media Labs and download your copy today.

    Klondike Pro Plus:

    If you like card games you will like playing Klondike.

    You can play the game any time. The game just happens to be the most entertaining diversion that people can lay their fingers on. Just remember that you will be playing with the running clock so be quick so you get the highest score.

    Game Download Link:
    Klondike Pro Plus for iPhone
    Klondike Pro Plus for iPad

    Play Solitaire:

    Wasp is a patience game that is renown from decades. It is played with different and innovative approach,also any card or sequence can be placed in the suite. This gives the player more chances of winning, with fewer face-down cards and less stringent tableau movement rules, but hard to master.

    Game Download Link:
    Play Solitaire for iPhone
    Play Solitaire HD for iPad

    2013-02-25 07:35 AM