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    Take the armies of the USSR, Axis or Allies from the start of WWII to the end, in this strategy classic. With 18 solo missions, hot seat mode and WiFi multiplayer mode, including between various different smartphones and tablets realistic art, plus historically-accurate units, Strategy&Tacktics: World War II brings out the armchair general in you.
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    In Strategy & Tactics: World War II, you battle impressive AI enemies in three campaigns with a classic turn-based battle system and serried ranks of historically-accurate troops. Fight your way through eighteen missions with an exсiting storyline and charismatic characters across Europe, Asia and Africa, research new technologies to improve your troops and build industry, and lead your armies to victory.

    If you manage to finish all that,there are also skirmish games, several classic scenarios, plus hot seat and WiFi multiplayer modes to play, including between various different smartphones and tablets. All this displayed, in a highly detailed, powerful but simple to understand interface.
    2013-03-22 04:48 PM
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    Here's the game forum on Facebook created espeassially for S&T for more discussions: Herocraft’s strategy games | Facebook

    You can find the unit stats there already
    2013-04-05 02:52 PM
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    Strategy&Tactics:WWII Update!

    Attention all fans of Strategy & Tactics: World War II. In this first update we have added 2 brand new scenarios. Participate in the British troops Syrian–Lebanese operation in the Middle East in Operation Exporter and accomplish Blitzkrieg against the USSR with German troops as a part of the alternative history game opportunities in Operation Barbarossa!

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    2013-04-30 01:30 PM
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    Strategy & Tactics: World War II for iOS is updated with 2 new campaigns!

    Lead the offensive of the Soviet forces in the Victory Day campaign. You will drive the hostile army out of the country and finally abolish the Nazi regime in the Battle of Berlin.
    In the Twilight of the Gods campaign you’ll witness the confrontation between the German and Soviet armies from 1943-1945. You’ll try to stop the Red Army in a series of tough defensive battles and take on the Battle of Berlin.

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    2013-05-22 03:30 PM
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    A new update arrived! By our users’ demand we added artillery divisions – the special antitank units. It notably affects the gameplay, so the balance of the game in all campaigns and scenarios was adjusted to the new feature.

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    2013-07-10 12:23 PM
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    Strategy & Tactics: World War II for iOS is updated!

    Two brand new scenarios await you!

    Lead the Allied troops in April 1945 and occupy the capital of the Third Reich earlier than the Soviet troops start their assault In the Race to Berlin…
    …And take part in the Manchukuo and southern Sakhalin operations on the side of the Soviet troops In the Soviet-Japanese War!

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    2013-08-13 10:07 AM
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    Meet the deluxe version of Strategy&Tactics: World War II!
    The game features 2 special new campaigns: USSR & USA confrontations in an alternative history including an operation in Antarctica plus 5 historical campaigns of the original version. No in-app purchases! Game Center and full global multiplayer are also included.
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    Game Features:
    * 5 campaigns of the original S&T: WWII (about 30 missions)
    * 2 brand new campaigns USSR vs USA (17 missions)
    * Skirmish mode
    * All game scenarios of the original S&T: WWII
    * 3 new alternative history scenarios
    * Several hot-seat multiplayer mode maps
    * New global multiplayer mode

    2013-10-11 05:07 PM
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    Attention all fans of Strategy & Tactics: World War II! Meet the new update of the game with Game Center and full global multiplayer. Time to beat your online friends from all over the world!

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    2013-10-25 02:25 PM
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    We’re giving away Strategy & Tactics games with 50% discount! Take command of any European army and lead it to victory.
    2017-02-27 10:36 AM
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    Meet the "Conquest of Europe" scenario pack! The winner takes it all, so choose your army and lead it to victory in the largest battle in the game!

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    2017-07-07 11:24 AM