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    Schedule all your future emails, Facebook and Twitter updates all in one account with Schedaroo.

    Schedaroo is your future time machine for messages all rolled up in an iPhone app. With a simple 3-step process, Schedaroo ensures that your message gets delivered on time, every time!

    1. Type out a message
    2. Choose the type of message whether its Facebook, Twitter or email
    3. Choose the date and time that you want the message to be sent out and DONE!

    When your email/message gets sent, you get a push-notification confirming the sent message. With Schedaroo, you can manage your emails and social media postings anytime anywhere without worries!

    Get your copy from here:https://itunes.apple.com/my/app/sche...514603464?mt=8
    Schedaroo helps you to

    Plan Ahead

    - email before your holidays
    - updates on Facebook pages before your meetings
    - schedule all your tweets before you get to a place with no Internet connection

    Manage your time

    - no more sleepless nights or early morning starts
    - multiple posts to appear at the same time during the high traffic time slots on social media to garner better impressions and engagement
    - keep the hot news going out on your social platforms at regular intervals without interrupting your busy day


    ? Featured in iTunes in 90 places

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    "... Iím won over by the appís functionality and ease of use and planning to stick with Schedaroo." - The iPhone Mom

    "... if youíre looking for a way to schedule the sending of emails and social networking posts, Schedaroo is what you need." - Fresh Apps

    "The simple interface and managed communication history make Schedaroo a very useful utility and an efficient tool for day to day communications." - iPhoneFootPrint.com

    Disclaimer: Schedaroo only works on OS5.0 devices or later so please update if you haven't already!

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