1. Brentbeeler's Avatar
    Just downloaded iMediaShare for $4.99 Expecting to be able to stream camera roll videos to my Sony Blu-ray player. My Blu-ray player found iMediaShare But iMediaShare on my phone could not find my Blu-ray player anybody know a fix please help wanting to watch a movie tonight. Iphone4s on 6.1.3
    Sony BDP-S570 blueray player
    2013-04-13 03:24 AM
  2. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Not sure if you have seen their page, but they have support page and "Frequently asked questions" section.
    Frequently Asked Questions : iMediaShare

    Q: My Sony TV/Blu-ray is unable to play videos from my iPhone. What is wrong?

    A: Sony TVs and Blu-rays support a limited number of video formats which can successfully be played back. As a result they are unable to play video files recorded and stored on your iOS device. Online videos are automatically transcoded in real-time to ensure they're optimized for your TV or blu-ray player.
    Q: Which devices can be discovered by iMediaShare?

    A: The list of compliant devices is very long. The basic rule of thumb is the device must be a certified DLNA media renderer or Airplay-compliant player. However, there are quite a few other devices which are not certified as such but are successfully discovered by and used with iMediaShare.
    I have never used this so I can't really be much help, sorry.
    2013-04-13 03:38 AM
  3. Brentbeeler's Avatar
    Thank you I appreciate it, tried it on my son's PlayStation three and it worked fine so it must just be the Blu-ray player isn't quite compatible enough
    2013-04-13 05:40 PM