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    Movement -Our new app is FREE & live on the app store !


    MoveMent is a community marketplace to discover and post
    the latest apartments for rent using your iPhone.

    Our iPhone App allows you to navigate thru apartments for rent the second they come on the market.

    -MoveMent geotagging can verify not only when the photos were taken, but exactly where.

    -Designed specifically for home hunting on the go.

    -Posting or searching a real time apartment on Movement is fast, easy and free.

    Looking for an apartment rental?

    -No account or registration is needed. Just download the app and you’re ready to go.

    -Verified listings: When a listing is posted the address of the apartment is generated automatically by the iPhone’s GPS and the photos are taken in real time from the same address.

    -Our beautiful interface lets you contact the poster by text, phone or email in a very smart & fun way.

    -Save your favorite rentals and share with friends by text, email or on Facebook.

    -Looking for a roommate? You can find one on MoveMent.

    Posting an apartment rental?

    -Whether you’re a broker, owner or just looking for a roommate you can post your available space for free on MoveMent.

    -Film and post in a fast, fun and easy way by only using your iPhone.

    -Post in real time and get immediate response while still in the apartment.

    -Share your listings by text, email or on Facebook & Twitter.

    -Receive by email an HTML for your listings to embed in any platform you desire.

    -Add a Video URL to your posting and it will be visible on your listing.

    We’d love to hear your feedback!
    Find us on Facebook as 'MoveMent App'.
    Email us anytime at [email protected]
    2013-04-21 02:02 AM