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    You thought playing sports was fun? wait until you start using SPORTROOPS!

    SPORTROOPS is the best social network for sportsmen, whatever your level might be in the sports you practice, wherever you are in the World.

    In a nutshell, SPORTROOPS allows you to:

    * find sport buddies playing at the level you fency
    * find all sport venues & fields around you, with up-to-date description, thanks to our geolocalized app
    * grade your buddies' level for each sport they play (don't worry they'll do the same to you)
    * organize your games and invite your sport troop in a single click
    * find buddies of a selected level to complete your roster
    * get to know what other games are available at any time, and ask to join
    * get to know the real-time level of play on any turf around you, for any sport, thanks to our check-in option

    Finally, you will always take the best decision as to where, when and with whom you want play the sports you like.

    You might even want to look up buddies to introduce you to new sports: how about Aussie Football or HardCourt Bike Polo?

    SPORTROOPS is available on the internet (Sportroops - The International Sport Community : Find Buddies, turfs, games) and on mobile phones. Join the Sport Community now, and change the way you practice sports for ever!


    2013-05-24 02:06 PM