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    Dear Puzzle Game Fans,

    We have some good news to share with you all. We are offering some of our popular puzzle games for FREE. The offer is limited for a very short period. Download the FREE games now and start solving all the brainteasers.

    Dots Pro:
    Dots Pro is an ultimate time killing game just made to amaze you. A popular game for all ages, this game has been there from your school days, college and now on your iPad too..! The game is very simple but very interesting to play.

    Game Download Link:
    Dots Pro for iPhone
    Dots Pro for iPad

    Brain Machine:
    Brain Machine for iPhone and iPad will fine tune your logical thinking and improve your mathematical skills. This game is designed to provide challenges involving mathematical thinking and reasoning. Its not just educative but also a good entertainer for all ages.

    Game Download Link:
    Brain Machine for iPhone
    Brain Machine for iPad

    DX Ball game is all about breaking the brick. It has both touch and accelerometer control which makes it even more interesting while playing the game.

    Game Download Link:
    DX Ball for iPhone
    DX-Ball for iPad

    2013-06-26 12:19 PM