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    123 Kids Fun ALPHABET


    123 Kids Fun Alphabet is designed for all children (ages 3 to 7) to start their adventure with the alphabet.

    It is also recommended for teachers. Each letter has been illustrated with four words, one of which is animated and enriched with a sound characteristic for a specific object. Just tap the first picture of each letter.

    The combination of letters with pictures and a readers’ recording is a very effective method to quickly and enjoyably learn the alphabet.

    The Application also includes three interactive games:

    * First game - Spelling. Correctly spell several words in a row and they’ll be rewarded with a sticker.

    * Second game teaches your child pointing letters. Voice requests your child to touch a specific letter.

    * Third game teaches your child handwriting while playing a fun game. After each letter is finished they are combined on a excercise book with your full alphabet.

    The Application is prepared in a way to allow your child to independently learn the alphabet without your assistance.


    * Very clear and easy-to-use application.
    * Colourful animations and drawings.
    * English lector.
    * Educational games: quizzes.
    * Interactive learning on how to write letters.
    * Background music off/on option.

    Price: $1.99

    This app has also LITE and Mac version!

    123 Kids Fun ALPHABET Lite

    123 Kids Fun ALPHABET for Mac
    2013-07-15 01:43 PM