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    This app will analyze your monthly Financial Reports from iTunes Connect, convert to one currency, sort them by date and group values by apps and regions.

    If you are frustrated with unreadable reports .txt files, this app is for you.

    * Convert all reports in one currency
    * Analyze reports and transfer its data to easy readable view
    * View bestselling apps & regions for one periods, or even for multiple periods
    * Browse the dynamics of sales for each app & region
    * Build simple graph charts for revenue
    * Build customizable pie charts. You can for example, sort apps by App Store category, and easy understand how much money earn each of them.

    Note: app is for iOS/Mac OS developers only
    Note: app no require your itc login and password

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    2013-07-24 11:04 PM
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    - New analyzing categories for periods detail view, with beauty pie charts
    - View multiple periods details simultaneously
    - Ability to hide app in period detail view
    - Many other small improvements and bug fixes
    2013-08-01 08:13 AM