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    Great app marketing article. 7 tips for ‪#‎appdevs‬ here: 7 Quick Tips on Mobile App Marketing | Negosentro.com - Home of the Progressive Filipino Technopreneur - Creating Opportunities. Sharing Ideas. . This is a reason 2 join us over @ Monster Mobile Marketing - Monster Mash Up.

    App ratings do help going through this method however you can have a 4.5 rated app minus app world exposure that will have those ratings go almost unnoticed in such a large App Store platform. Very well put together article above. I've yet to see an app review site offer either a written or video review with the purchase of ad space. Should certainly check out our App Collage to find out more or message me to discuss in further detail.
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    2013-08-06 04:05 PM
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    this is great info i cant wait to apply this on my next mobile marketing strategy!
    2013-08-07 07:55 AM
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    Your very welcome. http://www.mnstermobilemarketing.net/mashup/ is extremely tailored to smaller app company budgets in a very refreshing App Collage project that can provide written & video reviews w/screenshots to maximize app store visibility with extremely great social sharing.
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    2013-08-07 02:23 PM
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    ***Looking for ‪#‎indieappdevs‬ to rally up with 69 independent app developers over on our App Collage at www.monstermobilemarketing.net/mashup/. For as little as $10 you can place your app icon on the collage, a $40 order receives a automatic written review w/screenshots and social sharing, while the $90 orders receive a video & written review w/screenshots & tons of social sharing. We have 3 great donations going out and we really consider this to be an epic project to be a part of while marketing independent devs around the clock. With several members from all over the world already on board we hope you join us on this amazing journey. 69 App Collage members strong we are certainly not a fluke app reviewing site.
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