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    Welcome to SnapHits, a fun new photo-sharing app with a difference. Not only can you take, upload and share photos but now you can get opinions and comments from your friends in minutes.

    Download Now & Enjoy it on Your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Click here

    Simply take a new Snap, or upload one from your camera roll and wait for feedback from your friends and the SnapHit community.

    - Can't decide which dress to wear to the party tonight?
    - Want to know which pair of glasses suits you best?
    - Indecisive about that new car to purchase?
    - Eager to know which team your friends are supporting in the big game?
    - Need to get feedback on your new company logo?
    - Or simply want to know how many of your friends love your new pet?
    Well now you can get the answer and let your friends help you decide - the possibilities are limitless!

    Upload a single Snap and count the number of Hits you get, then read the comments your friends have left about it.
    Upload up to four Snaps in one post and let your friends and followers choose their favourite.
    Share your Snaps on your other favourite social networks for quicker results: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr...
    Add Friends and Share Snaps with them and/or the SnapHits community.
    Browse the most recently uploaded posts on SnapHits from your Friends and the world all in one Feed
    Vote and Comment on Snaps from your Friends and others on SnapHits.
    Upload, Share, Hit & Comment from your iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini & iPod Touch.
    All this from one FREE app, with no annoying adverts!

    ~SnapHits Team~
    Please send any questions, queries, suggestions or bugs to us either in the app or at the following:
    SnapHits App
    [email protected]
    Twitter: @SnapHits
    Instagram: @SnapHitsApp

    Please Note;
    Sign Up/Login required.
    Snap Hits users 13+ only.
    No rude or offensive Snaps (pictures) or comments permitted.
    App URL: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/snap...662946742?mt=8

    If we have any mistake in the app. Please consider and make a nice review on App Store. Thanks
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    2013-09-02 11:06 PM