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    Hello all!

    This week my team released a free collection of 6 different Iconomania-type games called Super Iconomania. This kind of games collection is a new one for us, so I am curious what do you think about such collections? Is it interesting for Iconomania fans to play such collections or rather play separate games?

    This collection includes: 

    - Iconomania - just get an icon and find letters from the set to fill the gaps

    - Guess the Country - Find out which country or city is it by look at the image and choose right letters to fill the gap.

    - Guess the Footballer - Youíre given a picture which is somehow related with football, for example, famous soccer brand. 

    - Alcohol Drinks Quiz- Youíre given a picture with fragment of logo and letters set to fill the gap in logo name. Got 2 types of help youíre not sure in your answer: put out letters which donít fit, or show you one right letter.

    - Movie Quiz - You see a picture related to the film industry, for example, famous actors, movies or characters. Your goal is to guess the movie and fill the gaps below with letters from set youíre given.

    - Guess the Shadow -You see a black-and-white icon with a shadow of some actor or scene from the movie. Take into account the theme and write down the name.

    It will be interesting to hear and discuss your thoughts on this.

    Super Iconamia is free and located at the AppStore:

    And here are few screenshots of the game:

    2013-09-11 08:02 PM