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    Lords of Discord, a turn based strategy game with RPG elements, is in full development for PC!
    The story of the game unfolds in a fantasy world inhabited by goblins and orcs, elves and giant ogres, the undead and other species of fantasy fauna. Drawing inspiration from games like 'Disciples' and 'Heroes of Might and Magic', Lords of Discord is a title made by strategy gamers, for strategy gamers.
    Game Trailer:

    Game features:
    Turn-based strategy gameplay
    Two playable races: Humans and Demons
    Two intertwined campaigns, 12 missions each
    3D world, gorgeous graphics and high quality animated characters
    3 types of landscape with terramorphing ability
    3 types of hero
    System of character development with around 30 units in each race
    Dozens of global spells for each race
    Engaging battle system
    A huge number of usable items such as artefacts, potions, wands, etc.
    Hot-seat, online and play-by-mail multiplayer


    Kickstarter: Lords of Discord by Herocraft — Kickstarter
    2013-10-11 06:09 PM
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    Lords of Discord has made it half way to Steam! The game now has 75% votes from you guys!

    So, let's make the game a reality. Share this post and encourage your friends to vote for our new TBS on Steam Greenlight! One of those who shares this post on his page will get our crazy soccer arcade game FootLOL as a prize.
    Vote on Steam Greenlight :: Lords of Discord
    Link for repost
    2013-10-24 10:01 AM
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    Lords of Discord update is here!

    - rating system expanded (added 5 new ratings);
    - now, along with the chance to get revenge for a PvP attack, you have the chance to repel the would-be robber by fighting back the enemy's main attack squad;
    - changed character stat growth on character level up;
    - changed the stats of several abilities;
    - added new character names;
    - completed UI upgrades;
    - fixed several bugs.

    App Store:

    Check out the new features now!
    2016-06-15 01:54 PM