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    I would like to share one of the popular apps, “My Voice Recorder” which is available on the app store.

    If you want to keep your thoughts and memories in a single place, this app does just that. My Voice Recorder's one-touch recording lets you capture sounds around you, or even record voice reminders for yourself and save them in RAW and MP3 formats. It displays file sizes and time stamps, and automatically labels each recording, helping you organize and keep track of the files you have recorded.

    Some of the Superficial features are:

    * Recordings stored in both RAW and MP3 formats

    * Voice memos

    * Voice email

    * Voice e-mail up to 5MB

    * Record timer & playback counter

    * Automatic file naming

    * Display of file sizes and time stamps

    * Exporting recorded memos to your Mac/PC via USB

    The app's interactive voice recording and organization features make it the perfect voice communication assistant.

    You can get this cool app at app store!!
    2013-11-28 12:45 PM