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    Hello I'm KnicksFan and these are my must have apps..

    1) Talkatone- google voice app. Allows incoming and outgoing voip calls. Also has features for messaging and voice mail.
    2) TWC- "The Weather Channel" in an app
    3) Copilot GPS- FREE offline gps navigation and maps
    4) Unlimdl- web browser app that gives you to *unlimited file downloads to your idevice. The app can unzip files and has a built-in media player to play them. *Can not download youtube videos.
    5) V downloader- web browser app that allow you to download videos (includes youtube) to your idevice. Videos can be watched on the idevice or transfered through wifi to your pc to be watched later.
    6) Minigore 2- zombie shooter game, just think call of duty: zombies with gta2 birds eye view gameplay all designed in a style similar to minecraft.
    7) Dropbox- online file storage app.
    8) Convertible- convert measuring units from metric to standard and much more with this app.
    9) Apps gone free- app tells you when paid apps become free apps.*Most apps are free for a limited time. Others have switched to free and aggressively promote in app purchases.
    10) Touchmouse- app that turns your idevice into a wireless mouse and keyboard for you pc. *Additional software is required and must be installed on your pc for the app to work. **Pc and idevice must be connected and discoverable on the same network for the app to work.
    BONUS) New York Knicks Official App- get all the updated scores, news, videos and photos about the Knicks from this app
    2013-11-29 03:08 AM
  2. cardellini_linda2's Avatar
    I think you forgot >>> Crackers Farmyard Adventure Mania>>>><<Crazy Truck Driver : Dump 'n' Dash Free !!>>
    2013-12-10 06:38 AM