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    Objective-C Viewer is a code review app, developed specially for Objective-C programming language, considering Xcode interface and development process.

    * View source code files, with native colors *
    App support 40+ programming languages, like C, C++, JS etc., but developed specially for Objective-C

    * Open Xcode projects like Xcode do it. *
    You can browse file through folder, or .xcodeproj file to open whole Xcode project. App will analyse project files, and open your project like Xcode, with all groups structure, bundles, frameworks, etc.

    * Table of Contents *
    In each header or source Objective-C file, you can use Table of Contents, for fast jump to any method definition, interfere, protocol or property declaration, or even to any #define constant. We also cheek your #pragma mark - tabs, to group your methods.

    * Easy add files from GitHub or iTunes *
    Just drag your files to app through iTunes, or download files directly from GitHub. Just past a link to repository like github.com/AFNetworking/AFNetworking and app will download its files, and unzip them automatically.

    2013-12-04 04:40 PM
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    2013-12-11 07:05 PM