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    Valentine's Day is coming up fast! Start earning brownie points with 'Love Coupon Builder' for iOS. The idea is simple, put in the gift, recipient, expiration date, and even a 'secret code' that will be embedded in the QR code. Then you can send it as an official coupon to be loaded into Passbook, or as just an image you can mail or message. The app even includes a 'scanner' which you can slide lips over the QR Code to decode the secret message you were sent. The app includes 3 templates for coupons:
    * Spouses/significant others - for those spicy messages
    * 2 coupons for sending to your kids (1 boy and 1 girl theme) - for rewards on jobs well done, allowances, or just something fun.

    Love Coupon Builder has a current 5-star rating, and is $0.99 in the iOS AppStore (iOS 6.0 or greater required)

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    2014-01-04 06:49 AM