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    I am trying to find an app that will work for what I need. Right now I have Wifi Mouse, which basically, I install a client onto my laptop, and can use the touchpad on my phone as a keyboard and mouse for the laptop, works great, but just now, i had the laptop plugged into the stereo, and had to poop, halfway through pooping, the video I had loaded on youtube ended, and I was left musicless, I would like to find an app that I can use like wifimouse, but will allow me to see the screen of my laptop at the same time. There are lots of remote desktop apps that I have found on the app store, I tried a few of them, I got a few errors, some that just don't do anything...

    I have an hp g61 running 64-bit windows 7 home premium

    thanks for the help!
    2014-04-09 01:39 AM
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    I should have looked at the average number of replies to threads in this section before wasting my bandwidth...

    lol, zero
    2014-04-10 02:39 PM
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    Try---- team viewer ---
    2014-04-12 10:13 AM
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    thanks! that is EXACTLY what I was looking for!
    2014-05-02 02:26 AM