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    Fav Alert App : Know what time your friends were online and for how long-fblogo.png

    Do You want Know what time your friends were online and for how long? I have got an amazing app on iTunes for such Facebook Alerts "Fav Alert". I am sharing few details of that app just go through it and have fun.

    Staring at your Facebook all day, just to wait for someone to be online, so that you can start chatting with her? Not any more!

    Fav Alert notifies you whenever your Facebook Friends come online. With Fav Alert, chatting with the special someone has never been so easy before!

    With this free app, you will also know what time your friends were online and for how long! This app will assist you in striking an conversation with your favorites.There is more!

    + This app will only tracks active time your friend spends on Facebook. This means it wonít count if they leave the browser open.
    + Your friends do not have to install this app or do anything other than use Facebook
    + You stay invisible on Facebook chat
    + Notifies you on all your multiple iOS Devices
    + Directly open your Favorite's profile and start chatting on Facebook Messenger
    + Know the number of friends who are online based on the number of rings
    + Hear which friend comes online based on the specific sound assigned*
    + Get your friends' status updates and likes delivered to you*
    + Find out how to get notifications about Friends on Facebook using the Close Friend List
    + This is the only app on App Store that does all those things above!

    Fav Alert is FREE to Download :

    Install Fav Alert now! Please write us a review or feedback. This will help us to improve the app. Thank you for the support.
    2014-04-10 03:01 PM