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    FREE Download
    Live Camera Viewer

    to view and control thousands of public surveillance web cameras
    and spy security IP cameras around the world

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    Free Live Camera Viewer app provides thousands of public and private video surveillance and security cameras all over the world,
    and has enjoyed early great success. Download for free!

    2014-04-25 06:16 PM
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    Live Camera Viewer lets you view 11,000 CCTV surveillance and security video cameras in the cities all over the world FREE of charge. If you would like extended functionality, like viewing inside the app your own private IP cameras on your local home network, - please download more professional version of our app, called Online Camera:

    2014-04-27 06:49 PM
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    2014-05-10 11:31 PM
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    In the new coming app version everyone will be able not to only connect and watch your own private CCTV IP cameras, but also home desktop webcams and laptop-built web cameras! Spy on what's going on in the rooms of your entire house or watch after a baby (like a radio nanny, but with video)! Stay tuned on our site news Online Camera - Live Cams Viewer: Webcam Video Streaming, Security IP Camera Viewer, Worldview Weather Monitoring, City Traffic Cam, CCTV Surveillance Web Cameras app for iOS and Windows Phone
    2014-05-28 11:22 AM