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    The App can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone to offer instant translations so you can easily and quickly communicate with others. There is no need to carry around a book of translations, or worse yet, spend hundreds of dollars on language courses when you can refer to this app instead.

    This app is just so different than your typical translation tool, it actually feels really fun and cool to use. Using this app requires you to do a "handshake" with the other person's mobile device. This means you need to flick your phone using your wrist while the other person does the same thing, at the same time. This is called a "handshake" and allows them to connect to each other.

    Now you're ready to choose the language that you plan to type in and you're ready to start talking. You type out what you want and the messages are translated between your device and the device of the person you are chatting with.

    This instant translation requires iOS 7 and of course both parties need to have the app. As well you need to add international keyboards to your device and turn on your Bluetooth.

    The app has recently undergone a number of bug fixes so that users can look forward to a smoother performance.

    There is actually a very large list of languages that the app can translate between: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Deutsch, Korean, and plenty more.

    The translations are instant so you can have a real-time conversation with each other and not have to worry about looking up words and in the process losing your whole train of thought. This makes communication so simple and quick and really can help you in so many different ways.

    I find the user interface to be quite pleasing as it is incredibly simplistic and looks much like a text message conversation would. You can see the history of messages allowing you to follow the conversation flow. You can even speak your text in rather than type it if you want. Itís all about making your life simple.


    Very user-friendly
    Offers instant translations between devices
    Carry on a live conversation
    Ideal for traveling, work purposes, or speaking with friends in other languages
    Simple and clean user interface


    Not all languages are supported
    It would be nice to see a few added features here

    Final Thoughts

    The App can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone to allow you to have a live conversation with someone in a different language thanks to the instant translations it provides.

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    2014-05-05 01:21 PM