1. zoragon's Avatar
    Hey guys I'm really hoping one of you can help me find what I'm looking for because my searching around has come short.

    I really lack discipline when it comes to being able to stay on top of my work and that's why on my computer I have an app called self control that blacklists all websites I tell it to for x amount of hours so I can get work done during that time. It doesn't matter if I close the app or restart my computer, social media and whatever else I tell it to will be blocked during the set amount of hours so that I'm pretty much forced to actually work.

    This is great and all for my laptop but is there anything that does something like this on ios? It doesn't matter if its from the appstore or a jailbroken app. I need something that blocks websites I tell it to and preferably also blocks other apps.

    I know that there are parental controls in the settings that do this but they can be turned on/off by just typing in your pin so it doesn't give me the restraint I need because I can simply change the setting if needed.

    Is there a way I can block the websites/apps from say 9:00-5:00 and no matter what I will not have access to them during this time but at 5:01 I get back full control?

    I appreciate any help
    2014-05-09 03:24 PM
  2. Howa's Avatar
    Maybe Aobo Internet Filter, it can block certain sites by adding keywords or URLs to the blacklist, but it can't stipulate the time.
    2014-05-12 03:09 AM