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    Hi all!
    I love writing and keeping journals as they remind me of memories that are sometimes easily forgotten. I still read the journal entry of when I first met my husband; it brings back fond memories of him. Sadly, since of late I am not able to write things down as my hands are a bit shaky. I would love to continue journaling and give it as a souvenir to my daughter and her daughters when Iím gone. I was telling Katie (my daughter) about this, and she got me STEP - Journal for Life, which seems like the easiest way of journaling.

    The app is very good and almost seems like itís been created for me. Katie got all my photos from my camera roll looped into the app, and now I just have to take a picture of anything that I want to save to my journal and it gets done on its own. To update your location from your GPS and pictures from your camera automatically to your journal you just need to sync the apps together.
    STEP -Journal for Life: Save Memories to Your Journal by Syncing with Camera Roll & GPS-screen568x568.jpeg
    I find the app to be pretty useful and efficient too.
    2014-11-07 06:32 AM