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    Hiya fellas!

    I was looking for a good app that makes the exhausting experience of browsing through Instagram and Tumblr easy. I found FastFeed for Tumblr on the iTunes Store which gives you support of using multiple tabs while surfing on your mobile.

    The app removes the pain and hassle of managing windows and gives you the freedom of navigation. You can have a stress-free browsing experience with FastFeed for Tumblr. The app helps you avoid the use of the repetitive ‘back button’ and gives you a seamless content flow. No more Select->View->Back; just Select->View and Select->View. With FastFeed, navigation is fast and easy.

    The app also comes in two other variants, FastFeed for 500px and FastFeed for Instagram. Some features on FastFeed for 500px that I like are searching for photos using keywords or tags, and sorting of results by rating or recent activity. FastFeed for Instagram helps you to explore your photos with a map.

    FastFeed for Instagram is available on the iTunes Store for FREE!

    2014-12-03 11:20 AM