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    Hey guys!

    I found an awesome war game on the App Store, and thought Id share my thoughts on the same. Defense 39 is a game based on the Second World War and the app portrays the attack that happened in Poland. I was introduced to Defense 39 by one of my friends, and on the app I get to be a Polish officer who's defending his territory against the Nazi army.

    While playing Defense 39 you get to fire machine guns, bazookas, heavy mortars, flamethrowers, anti-tank canons, grenades, and many more weapons that will make a difference defending your position. Some features of the app that make the game thrilling are its unique and intuitive targeting system, a massive number of troops that appear and re-appear on-screen as they are defeated, and the 70 missions on 10 different locations.

    Defense 39 is available for FREE on the App Store.
    2014-12-15 11:22 AM