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    Tired of hundreds of tedious titles? Try out Zombie Derby 2 and you will never be bored again! Once again, millions of bloodthirsty zombies are swarming all over the continent. Only the bravest and most experienced drivers will still be standing after fighting countless armies of the undead in this tough apocalyptic reality. Become one of the heroes in the new world and flip the script! It's time to upgrade to brutal supercars and clear the roads that are chock-a-block with zombies.

    - have a blast slaying millions of blood-thirsty zombies of different kinds;
    - upgrade cool cars: 8 vehicles to choose from including the Zombie Combine Harvester;
    - drive through vast expanses of this hostile world;
    - compete with friends all over the world trying out different game modes;
    - take part in a bloody massacre in real 3D;
    - finish Zombie Derby 2 without spending money on microtransactions.


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    2016-12-15 01:01 PM
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    Zombie Derby 2 iOS update is here!

    MEGA update!

    As many as 8 new ultra-extreme levels! You'll have to try to overcome these dizzying tracks: completely new road obstacles, trampolines and traps await the crazy racers. But to go through each level perfectly you have to choose a car wisely!
    New "Starter kit";
    Some bugs fixed.
    Start your engines, gentlemen, zombies will not crush themselves!
    2017-10-04 08:55 AM