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    Hello, difference detection genius! Download Find the Difference Rooms and enjoy finding differences in pictures of cute rooms!

    This spot the differences game is among the best fun games for adults! Find the Difference – Rooms will help you solve the mystery in photo puzzles with beautiful pictures of rooms. Spot the difference rooms is waiting for a puzzle solving enthusiast ready for a photo hunt of his/her life!

    Compare two pictures side by side to search for differences;
    When you find the different object, tap on it as fast as possible!
    The number of differences increases with levels, as well as the difficulty of the game!
    If you get stuck, use help: take a hint to see where the pictures differ!

    Download Find the Differences Rooms and enjoy playing this concentration game every day!

    Attached Thumbnails Find the Differences Rooms-icon300.png   Find the Differences Rooms-_en-scr_ftd-1.jpg   Find the Differences Rooms-_en-scr_ftd-2.jpg  
    2018-01-30 10:35 AM