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    Our brand new game Hidden Objects Love is our way to wish Happy Valentine's Day to all love birds in the world! If you remember your first love or your teenage love, and if you are a romantic at heart, you will adore these games for girls and boys, as well as for adults.

    Hidden Objects Love on the App Store

    Find objects in lovely pictures and play the best “love games” on the world! Look for hidden objects such as flowers, hearts, chocolate, candies, and love letters in the best love games for adults! We have created the perfect collection of mystery hidden objects especially for you, so take your time and enjoy this incredible hidden object adventure and remember your first teen love!

    2000+ objects!
    Glamorous graphics!
    Romantic melodies!
    Hints –when you need help!
    Zoom feature - for all devices!
    Free of charge!
    100 % anti-boredom!

    Download hidden object games by Midva.Games and play them together with your sweetheart on a date night!

    Try Hidden Objects Love – Best Love Games and enjoy playing this concentration game every day!
    2018-02-09 01:11 PM