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    With the Apple Watch 2 around the corner, it is likely Apple may not feature second generation Apple Watch at the March 15th Event. The Apple Watch has been on sale for almost a year, which means the rumour mill has started churning out rumours regarding the upcoming Apple Watch 2.

    When Apple announced its much-anticipated Apple Watch back in September 2014, people got very excited about the concept of an Apple-designed smartwatch. Fast forward to today, the Apple Watch has been on sale for quite some time and with 2016 drawing ever closer, people are starting to think about the next-generation Apple Watch, the Apple Watch 2.

    When will the Apple Watch 2 launch, and what new features can we expect? In this article, we round up all the rumours we've heard regarding the yet-unannounced Apple Watch 2. Also, we list the features we're hoping Apple will include in the second Apple Watch, and why they would improve users' experience.

    Apple Watch 2 design rumours: New bands

    According to the latest reports, the Apple Watch 2 may not be revealed at the event Apple is said to be hosting on March 15th. Instead, the event will focus on the launch of the iPhone 5SE and possibly the iPad Air 3. However that doesn't mean that the Apple Watch won't get a mention - launching the second generation Apple Watch, Apple is said to be preparing a host of new straps for its smartwatch. According to a source, they are claiming that the update will include a handful of new colours for the Sports Bands (although it isn't specified which colours) along with additional colours of Apple's latest collection, the Hemes bands, but again, with no mention of colours.

    Apple Watch 2 rumours: FaceTime camera

    Apple may release the Apple Watch 2 with a FaceTime camera and it makes sense for them to do this. This will let their users take photos using the front facing camera and make FaceTime call

    Apple Watch 2 rumours: Less relying on the iPhone

    Apple plans for the second-gen Apple Watch to have more functionality when it's separated from an iPhone, and has apparently named the project "tether-less" internally. As it stands, the Apple Watch can only support activity tracking, music playback and mobile payments without a paired iPhone, with many other features including text messaging, emailing and using third-party apps impossible without an iPhone for the Apple Watch to communicate with. The release of watchOS 2 brought the ability for third-party apps to run natively on the Watch, but the apps still require an iPhone to send and receive data.

    However, the with the Apple Watch 2, Apple is reportedly looking to make it more capable when your iPhone isn't connected, simply by adding a new wireless chipset into the wearable. What difference will this make to the Apple Watch experience? While it probably won't be able to handle data-heavy requests (such as software updates), other tasks could be handled without the assistance of an iPhone.

    The new wireless chipset should also enable a heavily requested "Find my Watch" feature similar to "Find my iPhone" which is said to utilise Wi-Fi router triangulation technology, as opposed to GPS.

    Apple Watch 2 rumours: Battery life

    There was great speculation about the battery life of the Apple Watch on the run up to its (second) announcement. Apple put this worry to bed, claiming that the Apple Watch has an "all day battery life" but would still have to be charged each night, much like the iPhone. The issue with "all day battery life" is that you have to charge it almost every evening, which isnít always possible.

    Looking at rivals like the Pebble Time Steel, which has a pretty amazing battery life of around 10 days, it makes the Apple Watch battery seem a bit disappointing. Yes, the Pebble Time Steel uses a less power hungry display, but even a five-day Apple Watch battery life would be better than having to charge it every night.

    It also opens up more functionality in the Apple Watch, mainly with regards to sleep tracking. With a longer battery life, users could wear the Apple Watch to bed and get accurate stats about their sleep - information that's pretty popular, judging by the success of apps like Sleep Cycle.

    Apple Watch 2 Poll
    Those are the only rumours we've seen so far about the Apple Watch 2's features, but we'll update this article when more emerge. So we want to know.

    Do you currently own an Apple Watch? If so, which model?

    Will you buy the Apple Watch 2?

    What would you like to see from the Apple Watch 2?
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