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    Iíve tried basically everything I could find on google regarding this issue. Many sites, including Apples support pages, state that the Apple Watch wont connect to 5.0 networks.
    Since I have an Apple Extreme I separated the 2.4 from the 5.0.

    Forgot both networks and connected to 2.4 and re tried everything.
    I still cannot get the Apple Watch to connect to WIFI.
    Same thing happens with my wifeís watch.

    Iíve unpaired and repaired and even did the whole process setting up the watch as new.

    Most sites tell you to turn off yout watch.
    Turn off blue tooth on phone.
    Forget the network wifi is connected to.
    Turn phone off and back again.
    Connect to home network 2.4 with password.
    Turn blue tooth on again.
    Turn on watch and wait a while to let it communicate with phone.
    Turn blue tooth off on phone and wait a bit.
    Apple Watch should connect to the wifi network but does not.

    Tried toggling wifi off on Apple Watch control center and back on again..... nothing.

    Donít think the watch is damaged because it is also happening to my wifes and our old series 2 never connected to wifi either
    2017-11-26 04:30 AM